All you need to know about liquid oral steroids

Steroid comes in different forms and the most common way to consume it is through the oral pills. Liquid steroids are also popular and then you have injectables as well. It is common to see children get prescribed with liquid steroids as they might find difficulty in swallowing steroids in any other form. Athletes and bodybuilders tend to inject themselves with liquid solutions for accelerating the steroidal effect. Take a closer look at steroids in liquid form and the side effects they come with.

What are liquid oral steroids?

You might have heard of names of oral liquid AAS or other similar types of content. However, not many of you know about its usages. Steroids are usually consumed through oral pills or injected solutions, but the liquid oral steroids are liquids that you can consume orally.

At first, these have been used for treating many illnesses like asthma, autoimmune diseases, allergies, sinus infection, and more. The liquid form of oral drug can be a good alternative for people who have a problem to swallow pills, especially children. However, these tend to be bitter when consumed for medical reasons.

Young patients tend to rebel against consuming steroids due to the taste. It is possible to mix sweeteners, agents, flavors, and reduce the bitterness. However, this tends to increase the cost of the steroid. There have been studies that compare costs of dexamethasone, prednisolone and prednisone. Deamethasone and prednisolone turned out to have a better taste, smell and texture after enhancing the drug with sweeteners.

Side effects of liquid steroids

The prescription liquid come with side effects and children are more susceptible to these so you need to take care. Some potential effects that tend to happen are:

  1. Yeast infection

Both adults and children have chances to suffer from yeast infection. However, adults are more likely to deal with the symptoms as they get higher doses of steroids than children do.

  1. Delayed growth and development

Some research proof that taking steroids might leave a bad impact in physical growth and development. However, the effects only occur if you use the drug for a long time.

  1. Thinner bones

With regular use of steroids, you can face the condition of osteoporosis where your bones start thinning down.

  1. Adrenal suspension

As steroids come from other sources, our body can stop producing the original steroids. This is when you can have adrenal suspension and that leads to more health issues.

Some more side effects in children and adults are weight gain, mood swings, insomnia, skin irritation, mild pain and hoarseness. Even with so many side effects, the liquid corticosteroids tend to come with great benefits and one major example like healing asthma. You can search for names of oral liquid AAS and see what your body might need. The positive effects might outweigh the negative ones, so it is better to look forward to the usage. Make sure you abide by the dosages to be on the safer side.