How Runners Can Benefit From Custom Orthotics

Getting any kind of exercise is a great thing, however, no matter what kind of exercise you decide to go for, there are always going to be some kind of risks of injury. Running is one of the most common ways to get exercise, and even if it seems like quite a simple task, many runners are unaware of the risks that this sport can bring.

What harm can it do?

While we are running, our feet are not only dealing with our body mass, but with other elements like force as well. Because of the force that our feet experience with every step that we are running, no matter if we are running on concrete, dirt, or grass, you should know that there is a limit to how much your body can take.

That is why it is important for newer runners to take this matter seriously, because if they do give their all during their first run, even if they feel good while doing it, they will be dealing with quite a lot of pain later on, with the risk of receiving potential injuries at the end of the run.

The more runners run, the more the body gets used to it, and the risk of injury lowers. That is why experienced runners are less often going to get sprains and similar injuries, however, it does not mean that the risks of those injuries are completely gone.

One of the best ways to minimize the risks of injury is to visit the podiatrist for some consultations. When it comes to sports podiatry, professional podiatrists Rozelle from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry is a pretty good choice for consulting, however, you can also go to your local professionals instead.

Sport podiatrists can tell exactly what’s best for your running career

How can a podiatrist help you?

Like there are doctors for other parts of the body, podiatrists specialize in lower extremities. Sports podiatrist combine that knowledge with sports, hence, they are the best people to ask for advice if you would like to be a professional runner.

The most common problem that many runners have, without even knowing it, are their shoes. While there are many shoes on the market that are advertised as professional running shoes, those facts are often not so true. Some podiatrists do have contracts to recommend a certain brand, however, most of them will give you an honest opinion as which shoes are good or not.

In some cases, getting the correct shoes is not going to be enough. Because while they will keep your feet safe, the orthotics that come with it are probably not going to be perfect for the physiology of your feet, and this is where custom orthotics come in.

Professionals like the sports podiatrist Sydney – Orthotic Solutions Podiatry say that getting custom orthotics will not only lower the risk of injury to a minimum, but they will also increase performance, which is probably what most runners are interested in.

Besides the suggestions for the proper gear, a podiatrist can also give you the routine of certain exercises that will help your body prepare for the run, and while the results will not be instant, after a month or two, you are definitely going to tell a difference.

Run like the wind after visiting a sports podiatrist

Final Word

All sports should be done in moderation because overdoing even the “simplest” of sports can cause an injury that can completely prevent you from enjoying that sport in the future. Always consult with a professional, even if you have many years of experience in the sport because new advice is always helpful.