Why it’s a bad idea taking Anavar with alcohol

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is one of the popular anabolic steroids to date. This is due to its tolerated nature for both men and women that it became one of the drug of choice by bodybuilders and athletes. It has lesser side effects compared to other anabolic steroids in the market today, making this an almost perfect drug for bodybuilding. The drug is mostly used for cutting cycles (fat burning and weight loss) than for bulking cycles (muscle building). It’s used to burn fat faster, help increase energy and stamina.

Alcohol, however, is a downer, primarily because of the main component ethanol. The strength is based on the alcohol percentage that is contained in a substance like beer, whiskey, rum and wine just to say a few. Alcohol, when taken in small doses, can actually give positive cardiovascular benefits. Lessening the chances of stroke and heart attack. High alcohol consumption, however, causes sensory impairment (blurry vision) and movement alteration (muscle weakness).


The question everyone is talking about: There has always been a question if alcohol use while on Anavar is safe? For the benefit of the doubt, there have been no cases of Anavar takers getting an adverse reaction when taking Alcohol. However, the effects of taking excessive alcohol and Anavar long term can potentially lead to liver damage faster. This is because drugs and beers are hepatotoxic. Combining both excessively is like taking a poison that will slowly kill you.

Why you should never take Anavar with alcohol: Even if Anavar is considered a safer drug, there is no denying that combining it with alcohol in long-term and excessive intake can increase its side effects. Making the user more prone to heart disease, including heart attack, stroke, liver diseases and mood problems. These are the same effects that steroid users avoid from taking excessive and long-term use of steroids.

Anavar is already a drug that needs attention: Taking Anavar takes extra precaution, this is because unlike bodybuilding naturally, it only requires diet, exercise, and nutrition. But if you add steroids to the equation, it changes the whole dynamic. Since you need to also have a good knowledge about the drugs that you are taking. Bodybuilding with steroid becomes an interdisciplinary practice that will need discipline and control. And if you add alcohol to it, it becomes more complicated. Even if there are no immediate negative results with alcohol use while on steroids (Anavar), the fact is that there hasn’t been anything good that came out when alcohol is incorporated to any lifestyle especially when under medication (any medication).

Not everyone drinks alcohol during their cycles: Not all bodybuilders or athletes practice this though.This is due to the fact that excessive alcohol defeats the purpose of losing weight and getting the six packs that all bodybuilders want’s to achieve. Also because taking alcohol jeopardizes the steroid cycle:

  • If you get drunk you will have a higher chance of forgetting or passing your dosage time
  • The beer has calories that you wouldn’t want to be stored in your body.
  • More calories means more steroids to take and more exercise to do
  • Long-term use can cause heart and liver problems

For a fact that Anavar is considered a safe drug, combining it with excessive alcohol makes the user prone to the side effects related to the heart and liver problems. Ultimately combining alcohol while bodybuilding counters the fat burning and energy giving properties of the steroid. There have been no known immediate bad effects with people taking alcohol while on Anavar. But long-term use of both is another story.